Website + Maps = Customers

Local business websites are there to tell potential customers about your business and giving them a way to contact you. By themselves, they are not a great way to let local customers find you. To get found by local customers you need to have local business listings set up in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Then you need to optimize those listings so that they show near the top of local search results. You can then put a link to your website from your local business listings. There are a couple of ways you can set this up. You can create a website for your business using, then set up and optimize local business listings and link them to the website. is free to use. There are no hosting or domain name to buy. You can also set up a site. You will have to buy a domain name and web hosting. You can get both from iPage for under $50 for the first year. After that it is about $107 a year for hosting and $15 a year for the domain name. A site is your best choice if you want your own domain name or if you need more functionality then a simple website.

Please Note: The link to iPage is an affiliate link.
If you click on that link and buy hosting from them I will make money.


About flaguide

I'm a blogger,web designer and internet marketer from west central Florida. I love fishing and spending time with my son. I focus my business, Anthony Bachan Graphic Design, on helping small businesses promote themselves through the use of the many free and low cost tools and services provided on the web.
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