Local Search Optimization

Local Internet Marketing For Small Business

Google Press Center Announcement April 20, 2010 – One out of five searches on Google are related to a user’s location, and very often people are looking for local businesses.

20% of the millions of searches being performed every day in the United States are looking for local goods and services. Is your business being found, or are you loosing customers to your competition?
With so many people using the internet to search for the local goods and services they use every day, it is essential that your business shows in those search results. Google, Yahoo!, and Bing understand this and provide two different places where local businesses can be found. Maps and Search.

Maps Listings

Maps listings are great for brick and mortar businesses such as stores, doctors offices, real estate agents and other businesses where your customers come to your location. Your listing will include a map showing your location and information useful to your customers such as business hours, phone number and the goods and services you provide. Your Maps listing allows you to create online coupons and your customers can leave reviews of your business. You don’t even have to have a website to have a Maps listing. Just create an account, fill in the details, and your Maps listing will begin to show when local customers search for the goods and services you provide.

Search Results

Search results are what you typically see when you perform an online search. Search results return a link back to your website along with a title and brief description of your site. Search results are best for service oriented businesses that don’t have a physical address.

Local SEO

Having a website is a great way of advertising your business to local customers. Just having a website though does not guarantee that your customers will be able to find you. A website has to be properly constructed and linked to before it will be indexed by the search engines. Then it must be properly optimized to gain top rankings in search results. The biggest mistake I see business owners make is spending hundreds of dollars to have a website built, but never having it optimized. Am unoptimized website that gets almost no traffic and is never seen by your customers is a waste of money! Don’t waste the money you’ve spent on your website. Contact me today and I will change your website from a money looser to a money maker.

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